Arshad Goods is a metaphorical mason, using lyrics as bricks to bridge the gap between generations and genres. His music is open and honest. Every song is dipped in humanity and peppered with his own personality. His songs are the embodiment of intimacy as he shares his own truths. He discusses topics of love and lust, good and evil, wisdom of both the physical and spiritual kind. It is through the open use of dichotomies that each listener can learn something about their own beliefs while listening to Arshad Goods as he shares his.

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Black Sunday

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The Gas Band

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  • St. Louis American
    ``All it takes is seeing Arshad Goods and his band hit the stage one time to be sold on his potential as a rapper.``
  • Riverfront Times
    ``Artist poised to make 2017 a great year.``
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch
    ``Rising star in Arts & Entertainment``
  • Delux Magazine
    ``A solid Hip-Hop project that leaves you wanting more.``

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